Tuesday 18 October 2016

Income Tax

A man sits hunched over his desk, trying to tame a mountain of paper which overflows on to the chair and floor.  His suit jacket hangs on a nearby chair.  A lamp sheds like on the man's calculations.  A freshly brewed cup of coffee keeps him going well into the night.  His cup and saucer, along with his pipe, sit on a chair next to the desk.  A cat lies curled up by his feet.  Spread across the floor is a "small blizzard of tattered pay stubs and receipts".  The dreaded date is circled in red on the calendar:  March 15, 1945.  The pressure mounts.  Will he make the deadline?  Will he tame the mountain of paper?  Will life go on as we know it?

The March 17, 1945 Saturday Evening Post cover by Norman Rockwell entitled Income Tax

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