Monday 11 January 2016

Eaton's Catalogue Covers Reflect the Times

Eaton's Catalogue covers changed dramatically over its almost 100 year history.  Early catalogues seemed to focus on the Eaton's store and the country of Canada.  Later catalogues focussed on the family, and eventually, the individual.  For more information about the catalogue, visit  Here is a small sampling of what Canadians used to call The Homesteader's Bible.

The original Eaton's Catalogue circa 1884 displayed the Toronto storefront courtesy

The Eaton's Catalogue circa 1897 reminds me of my elementary school notebooks courtesy

Eaton's Catalogue circa 1903 boasts mail order service "from sea to sea" courtesy 

The Eaton's Catalogue of 1908 reminds me of the Flintstone's episode where Fred (aka Santa) parachutes over chimneys as he delivers presents.  Photo courtesy

The Eaton's Catalogue circa 1918 features a patriotic image given the First World War has just ended courtesy

Good quality artwork featured on the 1922 Eaton's Catalogue courtesy

Eaton's Catalogue circa 1942 focusses on a mother and daughter courtesy's_Spring_and_Summer_Catalogue_1942.jpg.

A young hockey player could be outfitted at Eaton's circa 1948 courtesy

Christmas 1959 courtesy 

This woman reminds me of Jacqueline Kennedy circa 1961 courtesy

Sisters waiting for Santa circa 1967 courtesy

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