Thursday 7 January 2016

Lunch with Lady Eaton

"Flora McCrae Eaton was a visionary, a philanthropist, a socialite, a businesswoman, a world traveller, and a mother of six, but she also ushered in a shopping and dining aesthetic that revolutionized the retail and restaurant experience for generations of Canadians."

In the early 1900's, Eaton's had its own bakery, its own dairy and its own lunchroom which served 5000 meals a day.  Flora McCrae, who married Jack Eaton and became Lady Eaton, was largely responsible for the dining experience.  In January of 1931, she pioneered the opening of the Georgian Room in the Queen Street store, one of more than a dozen grand dining rooms in Eaton's across Canada.  Ladies would don gowns, hats and gloves and take a seat in the 650-seat art deco dining room with the cathedral ceiling, listening to the strains of a full orchestra. 

Guests could nibble on tea sandwiches or they could eat a complete hot meal.  Lady Eaton oversaw the menu which included:  chicken pot pie, cheese dreams, Waldorf salad, red velvet cake, Queen Elizabeth cake and Lady Eaton's Special Order Oatmeal Cookies.  To learn more about the grand dining rooms, read Lunch with Lady Eaton at

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