Monday 18 January 2016

Dear Santa Letters

During its century and a quarter existence the Eaton's Santa received hundreds of thousands of letters from thousands of Canadian children.  By 1915, Santa was receiving 15,000 letters.  Every letter was given a response.  Here are a few samples:

1.  Janet wrote:  "I sure enjoyed your parade last Saturday.  I was lucky and had a very good seat in the City Hall.  So I got a very good view of yourself and your reindeer."

2.  David wrote:  "How are you feeling today.  I saw the Santa Claus Parade on TV because I wasn't feeling too well...I would like a Johnny Astro or a motorrific car and something for Budi bird."

3.  Mary wrote:  "Please would you give me some doll house funcheur (furniture)...I have some Coke and food for your reindeer.  I will right (sic) the names of them if I could but I can't.  There is a pichure (sic) for you."

Letters to Santa Claus, [195?]

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