Thursday 9 October 2014

In Search of the Big Bird

This morning I dropped the kids off at school and headed straight for Food Basics to do my Thanksgiving shopping.  The store had only opened half an hour before I arrived and the workers were stocking the shelves.  I took my time in the produce section, thinking there was no rush.  Then I made my way to the meat section:  only one Butterball turkey left!  I love Butterballs; they always turn out so tasty and juicy.  As I held the bird in my hand, an elderly lady approached me.  "Is that the last Butterball?" she asked.  "I think so," I replied.  I examined it, wondering if it was big enough for my whole family.  The elderly lady said:  "Oh, that's too bad.  I wanted a Butterball.  And that's a small one, just right for me.  I'm only cooking for two.  My husband passed away.  He was a veteran." I'm holding the turkey, thinking:  How can I take this knowing that the other lady will have to choose one of the other turkeys.  Her husband was a veteran.  That would be cruel.  I'm thinking maybe I should give her the Butterball and head to the other Food Basics to search for one.

But a solution arrives with one of the workers.  I ask:  "Is this the last Butterball turkey?"  She walks around the corner and finds one more in another bin.  It happens to be $3.00 more.  It's a bit bigger -- perfect for my family.  I hand the elderly lady the smaller turkey.  She's thrilled!  "Merry Christmas!" she exclaims, putting the smaller turkey in her cart.  I thank God for everything at my age," she adds, making sure that I know she knows it's not Christmas.  I put the bigger turkey in my cart.  I ask the worker where the stuffing is.  The elderly lady and I, with the last two Butterballs in the store, follow her to the bread section.  I help the lady read the directions on the blue stuffing box.  It's Paxo, my mom's favourite.  The lady buys one box while I buy two.  She declares:  "I'm glad I came early this morning.  If I'd come later, I wouldn't have met you, and I wouldn't have got the big bird.  I thank God for everything at my age."  I certainly didn't do much for the lady.  But some people count their blessings, no matter how small. I can learn from the lady with the big bird.  She has thanksgiving in her heart all year round.  May God bless her!

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