Sunday 5 January 2014

The Blue-Crested Snowbird

In honour of National Bird Day, I decided to write about the blue jay.  Native to North America, the blue jay can be found as far south as Florida's pine woods and as far north as Northern Ontario's spruce firs.  It is the official bird of Prince Edward Island.  The blue jay is blue with a white chest and a blue crest.  Its crest is raised when it is excited, lowered when it is eating. The blue jay measures up to 30 centimetres from bill to tail and weighs up to 100 grams.   Its diet consists of berries, acorns, seeds, grain, peanuts, bread, meat and small invertebrates.  Predatory birds that hunt the blue jay are owls and hawks. Due to its "garrulous nature" it has earned the name "jaybird".  It makes a sound similar to a "rusty pump" when it calls.  Blues jays are considered highly curious and intelligent birds.

Note:  To learn about another snow bird, visit "The Cardinal:  The Scarlet Snowbird" at

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