Saturday 11 January 2014

Andrew Carnegie's Library Legacy

Andrew Carnegie's philosophy on life was to spend the first third of one's life getting as much as education as possible, spend the second third of one's life making as much money as possible and spend the final third of one's life giving as much of one's treasure to worthy causes as possible.  Born in Scotland, Mr. Carnegie immigrated to America where he founded a steel company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He would later sell his company to J. P. Morgan who would rename it U.S. Steel.

Andrew Carnegie spent the last 20 years of his life as a philanthropist.  He gave away over $350 million ($4.8 billion today) of the fortune he amassed.  Here are some of the libraries built in North America with his money.


1.  Macomb, Illinois Library courtesy

2.  Carnegie Free Library in Braddock, Pennsylvania was the first such library in the United States courtesy

File:Houston Carnegie Library 1904.jpg

3.  Carnegie Library, Houston Texas circa 1904 courtesy

File:Carnegie Library, San Antonio, Texas.jpg

4.  San Antonio, Texas Carnegie Library courtesy


5.  Iron Mountain Michigan courtesy

File:Yorkville Library.jpg

6.  Yorkville Library, Toronto, Ontario courtesy

Historic Image of the Carnegie Library

7.  Brantford, Ontario Library courtesy

8.  Hamilton, Ontario Library courtesy

9.  Chatham, Ontario Library, first Carnegie Library in Canada, courtesy

Tower, Goderich Public Library, 2007

10.  Goderich, Ontario Library courtesy

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