Thursday 6 December 2012

The Story of Saint Nicholas

Here are ten things you may not know about Saint Nicholas whom the Dutch called Sinterklaas and we call Santa Claus.

1.  Saint Nicholas was born in Turkey, part of the Roman Empire, in 270.

2.  He was born to wealthy parents who later died in an epidemic, leaving his uncle to raise him.

3.  Saint Nicholas was known for secret giving, leaving coins in people's shoes.

4.  He is the Patron Saint of Children.

5,  Saint Nicholas worked in his family's fishing fleet.

6.  During his lifetime, Christians were persecuted by the Roman Emperor.  Saint Nicholas stood up for many of these Christians.

7.  As Bishop of Myrna, Saint Nicholas spoke out against those who worshipped the Roman pagan gods.

8.  He initiated the destruction of the Temple of Artemis.

9.  The grey-haired and grey-bearded Nicholas died on December 6, 343.

10.  During the Middle Ages, French Nuns started giving gifts on December 6 in the name of Saint Nicholas.


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