Friday 21 December 2012

Pudding, Panettone & Pepparkakor

Circle the correct description of each Christmas treat.

1.  Buche de Noel        

a.  sweet bread from Milan
b.  sponge cake baked in Swiss roll pan with chocolate buttercream frosting
c.  Christmas pudding

2.  Nougat

a.  sugar, honey and roasted nuts
b.  large cookies with honey
c.  honey cookies

3.  Beigli

a.  sweet rolls
b.  sweet tarts
c.  sweet yeast bread with rich bittersweet filling

4.  Panettone

a.  sweet bread from Milan
b.  jelly roll
c.  jelly donut

5.  Pepparkakor

a.  peppercorn
b.  heart-star and goat-shaped gingerbread biscuits
c.  peppermint sticks

6.  Christmas pudding

a.  steamed pudding with dried fruit, nuts and suet
b.  rice pudding
c.  chocolate pudding

7.  Pain perdu

a.  Belgian waffles
b.  French toast with eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon
c.  breakfast casserole

8.  Lebkuchen

a.  large cookies with honey
b.  small cookies with syrup
c.  large cookies sprinkled with sugar

9.  Apple beignets

a.  apple fritters
b.  apple tarts
c.  apple strudels

10.  Sandbakkels

a.  light buttery tarts
b.  butter cookies
c.  butter tart squares


1.  b  (French origin)
2.  a  (Spanish treat)
3.  c  (Hungarian)
4.  a  (Italian)
5.  b  (Swedish)
6.  a  (English)
7.  b  (French term, Portuguese tradition)
8.  a  (German)
9.  a  (French term, Dutch tradition)
10. a (Scandinavian)

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