Sunday 9 December 2012

It All Started in a Restaurant Booth

I can point out the booth where we sat.  Rob and I were a married couple of six years.  The other couple were teenagers and she was nine months pregnant.  I have a photo that captured the day.  We lined up in the booth, boy, girl, boy, girl.  I remember what we ate that day.  Rob ate the nacho platter and I had chicken fingers.  I still have the receipt from our meal, even though it`s so faded I can`t read it.  We go there every year.  It`s a family tradition.

Today is Thomas` 14th birthday.  His birth parents visited and we took them to Moose Winooski`s again.
Under the Christmas lights, we reminisced about old times as we filled our tummies.  Even though we do this every year, we never tire of it.

I thank you for that young couple.  I thank you for the sacrifice they made.  Thank you, Lance and Nicole! And I thank you for the gift of your son, Thomas.  Happy Birthday Thomas!  We love you!

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