Thursday 11 August 2011


Tucked into the Bavarian Alps of Germany is a 200-year-old castle called Neuschwanstein.  Its white walls are dotted with windows and its black roof is interrupted by mini turrets.  Some large turrets point heavenward on the outside walls.  Neuschwanstein has a fascinating history:  it was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria, a reclusive king who lived there.  As soon as he died, the castle was opened to the public and has seen over 60 million visitors frequent its halls. Choirs sing in its chambers.  Apparently, during World War II the Nazis hid stolen European art treasures within its walls.  Neuschwanstein also served as Walt Disney's inspiration for his Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland built in 1955 and later Disney World, completed in 1972.  Featured on the big screen in many movies, Neuschwanstein's history will captivate you and its beauty will take your breath away.

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