Tuesday 23 August 2011

A Modern Stone Age Family

As a child, my husband Rob used to walk home from school every day at lunch time, take his bowl of Campbell's soup into the living room, and turn on the television to the sound of "Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, they're a modern stone age family.  From the town of Bedrock, they're a page right of history..." 

His favourite episode was "A Haunted House is not a Home' in which Fred had to stay overnight at his late Uncle Giggles house for one night in order to inherit his estate.   Fred invited his best friend Barney to join him since the house was supposedly haunted.  During dinner, the butler served the two men soup and the letters in the soup spelled out the word "Beware!"  Clippers tried to cut the guests as they headed up the staircase.  When Fred and Barney retired, two machetes mysteriously appeared and tried to chop their beds in half.  Finally, they found a hiding place inside photographs for the remainder of the night.  In the morning, Wilma and Betty rescued their husbands.  In the meantime, Uncle Giggles reappeared and told the guests that it was all a joke. 

As Rob would finish his Campbell's soup and prepare to head back to school, he would hear the lyrics:  "Have a yubbadubbado time, a yubbado time, have a gay old time!"  Then he would turn off the black and white television and head out the door.

Now it's 2011 and our children watch "The Flintstones" on DVD.   Jacqueline's favourite episode is also "A Haunted House is not a Home". Thomas' favourite episode is "Indianrockolis 500" in which Barney built a race car for Fred to drive, as "Goggles Pisanno", to raise money for Pebbles college fund. Unfortunately, the men were disqualified when the car's tires disintegrated in the middle of the race. They later did a commercial for Flintrock Tires, though, which gained them $5,000. 

It is reassuring to see the next generation watching the TV show that we loved as kids.  "The Flintstones" is timeless and can be enjoyed by young and old alike.  Yubbadubbado!

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