Tuesday 9 August 2011


What is so comforting about the cadence of crickets humming?  Is it a sound that we associate with our childhood? Is it because the crickets' hum serves as reassuring background music to our day?  Is it because crickets hum in a steady rhythm?  It's interesting how crickets hum in sequence; you don't hear one odd chirp -- you hear many chirps all at once.  The crickets have their own orchestra, tuned and ready to play every evening.  If their lead violinist gets sick, the show still goes on.  Their leader doesn't have an ego like Boris Brott.  Each performance is free of charge.  While we might not hear the crickets on a stormy evening, we always know they will return the next evening for another performance.  The cricket concert continues uninterrupted until the masestro sets down his baton.  And then the violins and violas and cellos go back into their cases until the sun re-appears above the horizon. It's an endless outdoor concert under the stars.

Cartoon courtesy http://wakaaustin.files.wordpress.com

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