Tuesday 16 December 2014

Thomas, Take the Wheel!

We arrived at the Driving Centre at 4:15 pm.  There was a line up and we had to take a number.  Shortly after we sat down, Thomas school friend arrived and took a number.  We chatted while we waited our turn.  Thomas was well prepared:  he already finished eight in class driving lessons and he completed several practice tests online.

The lady finally called our number.  Thomas filled out some paperwork, then completed a vision test, calling out the numbers he saw on a contraption that looked like a giant viewfinder.  The lady announced:  "That will be $146.00 please," and my jaw dropped.  I think it cost $10.00 when I wrote the test 31 years ago.  Nevertheless, driving is a necessary skill.  I paid the fee.

Thomas took the test paper into the exam room while I waited in the waiting area.  The minutes ticked by.  I watched as the other teenagers returned their test one by one and were called to the front one by one.  "Congratulations!" said the lady behind the desk.  Three people in a row passed the test.  We were on a roll.  I prayed that Thomas would make it four.

At 5 pm, the worker behind the desk asked another worker to take the exam papers away from the remaining test writers.  I prayed that Thomas was just about to finish.  "Did you get a chance to finish?" I asked him as he walked out of the exam room.  "Just," he said.  "Thomas Jonasson" called the worker behind the desk.  "You passed!" she announced.  "Congratulations, Thomas" I said, high fiving my son.  Thomas smiled, both joy and relief spreading across his face.

"This calls for a pizza to celebrate," I said, as we drove out of the parking lot.  We ordered a pizza at the neighbourhood pizzeria.  There's nothing like seizing the day.  While we waited for it to bake, I let Thomas get behind the wheel and he drove us down a back street to Lynden Park Mall.  Then he circled the back parking lot and returned down the back street to the pizzeria.  Then he drove us up Brantwood Park Road to our house.  Congratulations, Thomas!


  1. Please impress upon him and all young drivers that it is the most dangerous thing they do every day. A mistake on the road can cost lives. There is no re-set. There are accidents every day and you can post news articles of tragedies in the house to remind them. It's all about concentration and experience. Both of which teens rarely have.

  2. Thanks, Thomas! Great advice! You can never underestimate the importance of driving defensively and taking the responsibility seriously.