Wednesday 31 December 2014

New Year's Eve Trivia Test

1.  Which are the top three cities to celebrate New Year's Eve?

a.  Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City
b.  Los Angeles, Orlando, New York City
c.  Sydney, Orlando, New York City

2.  In Italy, what do people do for good luck?

a.  Wear red berets.
b.  Wear red underwear.
c.  Wear red t-shirts.

3.  In Colombia, Cuba and Puerto Rico, what do people do at midnight?

a.  watch an old movie
b.  stuff a pig and roast it
c.  stuff a doll called "Mr. Old Year" and set it ablaze

4.  On New Year's Eve, it is considered good luck to eat:

a.  brown beans, beef and bologna
b.  black-eyed peas, ham and cabbage
c.  sausages and cabbage rolls

5.  In Ancient Rome, the new year commenced on:

a.  February 1
b.  March 1
c.  April 1

6.  The first New Year's Eve celebrated in Times Square took place in:

a.  1904
b.  1906
c.  1908

7.  "Auld Lang Syne" written by Robert Burns in the 1700's, is a Scottish phrase which means:

a.  "times gone by"
b.  "out with the old"
c.  "in with the new"

8.  Sydney, Australia sets off ____ fireworks on New Year's Eve.

a.  8,000
b.  50,000
c.  80,000

9.  Edinburgh, Scotland is famous for its New Year's Eve:

a.  dance
b.  parade
c.  street party

10.  While New York City has the ball drop, Seattle, Washington residents watch an _____ drop.

a.  elevator
b.  egg
c.  apple


1.  a
2.  b
3.  c
4.  b
5.  b
6.  a
7.  a
8.  c
9.  c
10.  a

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