Thursday 26 June 2014

Ten Best Smells from Childhood

1.  A Freshly Opened Crayon Box

Drawing with crayons is always the most fun when you use new ones.  Even though I drew stick figures, I liked colouring in colouring books.

2.  New Running Shoes

I used to love visiting shoe stores so that I could inhale the scent of the new running shoes.

3.  Chocolate Chip Cookies

Every child remembers his or her mother baking cookies in the oven.  The scent was heavenly.  The anticipation of eating them was even better.

4.  Grandma's House on Thanksgiving Day

"Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go!"  The scent of roasting turkey and baking pie filled every nook and cranny.

5.  Swimming Pools

I remember my baby brother and I swimming in the pool everyday in Jacksonville Florida when we were on vacation.  It was the highlight of the day!

6.  A Bonfire on a Late Summer Evening

The smoke lingers on your clothes, the memories in your mind, from the bonfires you attended as a kid.

7.  Popcorn

Movie theatre popcorn, drizzled with butter, is the most memorable smell.

8.  Birthday Candles

I remember making a wish every year when I blew out my candles.  Now I'm so old, the candles wouldn't all fit on the cake!

9.  New Book

It was so exciting opening a new book for the first time!

10.  Tomato Juice

To this day, I do not like the taste of tomato juice.  But I do like the smell.  That's because it reminds me of our trips to Wimblewood Beach on the shores of Georgian Bay.  We would spend a week with my grandparents.  We would swim and play shuffleboard by day and dine in the dining hall by night.  A bell would signal that dinner was ready.  Without fail, a glass of tomato juice would sit above every plate.  And without fail, I would secretly pass it over to my Dad to drink.  Great memories!

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