Thursday 5 June 2014

How to Collect Airmiles

I would love to go to the Maritimes with my family.  But travelling is expensive, especially within Canada.  I once heard about a Canadian businessman who noticed that every time he flew somewhere within the country, the plane was half full.  So, he, and his fellow passengers, were paying for the empty seats with their overpriced tickets.

So, I am on a mission to collect Airmiles.  I have an Airmiles Mastercard.  That's a good start.  Each month I collect at least 100 Airmiles by using it.  I collect a mile here and there by going to certain stores like Staples or The Children's Place.  If I get gas at Shell, I collect a few more miles.  Lately, I have been shopping at Metro.  On an average trip, I'll get 40 or 50 Airmiles.  But if I'm really lucky, it's a day where they're offering 100 Airmiles for every $100 spent.

This week I hit 6000 Airmiles -- enough to fly to the Maritimes.  I was thrilled!  But I phone the toll free number and found out that I'm still short.  To fly to Halifax costs 7800 for four people (three adults and one child -- Thomas counts as an adult).  The lady on the phone said that I could purchase 3 tickets with Airmiles and pay cash for the fourth.  But the fourth ticket would cost $660!  Plus I would have to pay taxes on the 3 "free" tickets to the tune of $215 each!  I figured out that I could save $450 by waiting and collecting enough for that final ticket.

So, if you see me stalking people at Metro, asking if I can have their Airmiles, you'll know why.  If you see me in the LCBO, even thought I don't drink, you'll know it's to get someone else's Airmiles.  I'm determined to reach 7800  -- no matter what it takes!

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