Wednesday 11 June 2014

A Diligent Worker

There's a young man who comes to our gym every morning.  He dresses in blue jeans and a sweatshirt. Recently he's been wearing t-shirts.  When he arrives he takes a Fit for Less t-shirt out of his back pack and puts it on.  Then he gets to work.  First he takes a dry mop and mops the carpet where people stretch and jump rope.  Then he takes a pink duster and makes his way around the perimeter of the gym, dusting each machine thoroughly.  Back at the carpet area, he takes a wet cloth and wipes off the six massage black massage chairs which show every speck of dust.  When he is finished his work, he sometimes gets on the stair machine or the elliptical and exercises for a few minutes.

A couple of months ago, I wondered who this young man was so I approached him.  He's a co-op student working for Fit For Less.  I noticed that not many people if any talked to him so I made a point of greeting him each morning and telling him that he's doing a good job.  I found out that he's an athlete.  He likes to wrestle and he wins most of his matches.  I found out that he has a brother and a sister.  I found out that he lost his father when he was fairly young.  Oh, and there's one thing that I also found out.  He goes to W. Ross McDonald School.  He's legally blind.

Today was our co-op student's last day.  I will miss him.  May God bless you, Justin!

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