Thursday 31 October 2013

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Halloween

1.  Halloween is based on the Celtic Festival called "Samhain" which was first celebrated more than 2000 years ago.  Celts believed that the spirits of the dead moved on to the next world on this day.

2.  The Celts wore masks on Samhain to avoid being recognized by the ghosts who came back to Earth.

3.  The Irish, Scottish and English were the first to carve pumpkins with menacing faces to ward off evil spirits.

4.  Actually, the first jack o lantern was a turnip rather than a pumpkin.

5.  On All Souls Day, "souling" was the practice of the poor visiting the wealthy for a soul cake (shortbread) in return for prayers for the dead in their household.

6.  Halloween was put on hold during World War II due to sugar rationing.

7.  Americans will buy 600 million pounds of candy this year worth $2.8 million.

8.  Must-see stops for Halloween around the world include:  New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok and Limoges, France.  Spooky festivals are held in Salem, Massachusetts and Romania.

9.  The most common treat handed out in North America is the Snickers miniature.

10.  One of the top five costumes in North America is Batman.


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