Monday 3 June 2013

The Grand Canyon by Numbers

Here are ten figures related to the Grand Canyon.

1.  3 - 6 million -- number of years ago that it took for the Colorado River to carve out the Grand Canyon

2.  2 billion -- age of rocks

3.  18 -- width in miles of canyon (the island of Manhattan can fit inside)

4.  3 -- number of Empire State Buildings which can be stacked on top of each other to equal canyon's height

5.  11,000 -- number of years since humans first settled in the canyon

6.  1919 -- year the canyon achieved state park status

Photo: People riding mules on a Grand Canyon trail

7.  45,000 -- number of visitors when it first opened

Theodore Roosevelt with tourists at Grand Canyon rim

Theodore Roosevelt with tourists at the Canyon courtesy

8.  56 -- number of reptiles living in the Grand Canyon

9.  355 -- number of species of birds;

10.  3 -- types of rock (Layered Paleozoic, Grand Canyon Supergroup, Vishnu Basement)


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