Thursday 27 June 2013

Picture Book Trends

Here are some new trends in picture books for 2013:

1.  Universal and timeless themes sell.

2.  Picture books are getting shorter since parents and/or children are getting busier and busier.

3.  Quirky, sophisticated artwork is in demand.

4.  Folktales and fairy tales are predicted to make a comeback.

5.  With the implementation of the Common Core Standards in the United States, there will be a resurgence of picture books for school age children.  The following genres will be in demand:  non-fiction, narrative non-fiction, fiction with a non-fiction link and fiction with non-fiction back matter (biography, glossary).


According to Scholastic, here are some timely topics in picture books:

1.  Bullying

2.  Science Fiction

3.  Intriguing Non-Fiction

4.  Novels-in-Cartoons

5.  Kid Lit on the Screen

6.  War

7.  Tough Girls

8.  Survival Stories

9.  Diversity

10.  Nature Runs Amok


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