Saturday 9 February 2013

Crossovers, Swizzles & Stance

Tomorrow will be session #4 for Jacqueline at the skating rink.  Here are ten tips for beginners:

1.  Don't be afraid to fall.  Tuck in your hands (so they don't get skated over) and get right back up.

2.  Get right back on the horse.  If you attempt a move, but fail, get right back up and try again so that fear doesn't overtake you.

3.  Learn to stop.  Bring so skates parallel to each other, then point your toes inward and slowly glide to a stop.

4.  March before gliding.  This helps you gain balance and familiarity.

5.  Pushing.  Propel yourself forward by pushing off with your pick (if you wear girls' skates).

6.  Stroking.  Glide with one foot, then the other.

7.  Swizzles.  Propel forward without bringing your feet off the ice in an hourglass formation.

8.  Crossovers.  Place outside skate over inside skate in order to turn corners.

9.  Stance.  Bend your knees.  Keep your weight on the balls of your feet, your arms out slightly.

10.  Steering.  Use your shoulders to steer.  Turn outside shoulder forward and you will gradually arc in the direction you want to go.

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