Saturday 23 February 2013

Counting Sheep

A good night's sleep is worth its weight in gold.  Here are ten tips to getting a restful slumber each night.

1.  Set a regular bedtime.  Wake at the same time each morning.

2.  Increase your light exposure during the day, especially natural light.  Avoid bright lights before bedtime.

3.  Turn off the TV and computer, two stimulating devices.

4.  Listen to soft music or a book on tape.

5.  Make your bedroom as dark as possible.

6.  Keep the noise down.  Drown out barking dogs or heavy traffic with a fan or soothing recordings.

7.  Keep your bedroom cool (65 degrees Fahrenheit).

8.  Take a warm bath at bedtime.

9.  Drink herbal tea (I drink Sleepytime Tea) or a glass of water (prevents dehydration).

10.  Practise deep breathing techniques and visualize yourself having a restful sleep.

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