Tuesday 26 February 2013

A Nice Cup of Tea

I was raised by a tea granny.  Both of my Mom's grandmothers were English and their tastes must have influenced her.  When I was growing up, I always remember my Mom drinking tea.  As soon as she came home, she would plug in the kettle.  But she wouldn't make just any tea.  It had to be orange pekoe.  And she wouldn't make it just any way.  The kettle had to come to a rolling boil (not half-boiled).  The teabag had to steep in the teapot for about 5 minutes.  Any more would make the tea too strong; any less would make the tea too weak.  Once the tea was poured, my Mom would add milk, just enough to cool it off, but not so much that it was "the au lait".  Tea was to be enjoyed with a Digestive cookie or a piece of toast.  Tea was a beverage for dinner.  And tea was a good bedtime beverage.

My sisters and I used to make fun of my Mom for being such a tea granny.  However, as I reached my 30's, I found myself drinking tea.  First at dinnertime.  Then with every meal.  And now at bedtime as well (although I drink Sleepytime tea at bedtime rather than orange pekoe).  I, too, have become a tea granny, or at least a tea mommy.  I find it so soothing.  I also find it helps with digestion.

If you are a tea granny, you might be interested in George Orwell's essay "A Nice Cup of Tea" from the 1940's.  It will come as no surprise that, like my great-grandmas, Orwell was English.  Well, its tea time so I'd better go.

Image courtesy amgmedia.com.