Saturday 3 December 2011

Tigger on the Tree

When Thomas was born, his Aunt Ingrid gave him a little Tigger with a red tuque for our Christmas tree.  That particular ornament has been moved more times than any other.  When Thomas was a toddler he would often take it off the tree, and Rob would put it back on.  Then he grew old enough to leave the ornaments alone, but his little sister took over the job.  Every chance she got, she would pull Tigger off the tree, and Rob would hang him back up.  It became a ritual each December.  Now Tigger has fingerprints on him, his nose is gray rather than yellow and his string is held together with Scotch tape.  Although Tigger does not get moved as much as he used to, just this morning, Jacqueline took the orange tiger off the tree to play with him.  I know the day will come when Tigger no longer gets taken off the tree.  But I hope our children will always experience that childlike excitement at Christmas time even when they are all grown up.  For now, Tigger hangs on the tree -- but not for long.

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