Wednesday 14 December 2011

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

There is a Grinch in town:  he is stealing from our signs and from our windows, from our cards and from our packages, from our televisions and radios and computers.  I have seen him on a ladder taking down letters.  I have seen him in windows taking down words.  I have seen him stealing right from our very mouths.  What is he stealing?  He is stealing a word, a word that is over two thousand years old, but a word that is no longer politically correct to say.  He is slowly but surely taking the word right out of our vocabulary.  If it is up to him there will be no trace of this word in a few years.  He would even like to erase it from our dictionaries.

So I am starting a campaign to take back this word.  Let us advertise on our signs and in our windows, on our cards and packages, on our televisions and radios and computers.  Let us post it on our blogs and on our Facebook pages and on Twitter.  Let us greet our neighbours in the streets with it.  Let us shout it from the rooftops.  On December 25, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, hence the term, Christmas.  Yes, CHRISTmas.  Let's hear it:  CHRISTMAS!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

So Grinch, take your wrinkled green face and your bony green fingers and go back to your cave!  We are taking our precious word back -- one sign at a time.  And we will never let it go! 

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