Friday 9 December 2011

Famous Thomases Quiz

1.  Was Tom Cruise really "Born on the 4th of July"?

a.  yes
b.  no
c.  undecided

2.  Thomas Edison may take credit for the following three inventions:

a.  radio, rocket, robot
b.  telephone, television, telegraph machine
c.  lightbulb, phonograph, incandescent lightbulb

3.  Thomas Longboat won which of the following sporting events;

a.  Stanley Cup
b.  Boston Marathon
c.  World Cup

4.  Thomas Wolfe was:

a.  an American novelist
b.  a British general
c.  a French composer

5.  Thomas Ryan invented which sport?

a.  5 pin bowling
b.  basketball
c.  baseball

6.  Tom Thomson, an unofficial member of the Group of Seven, painted the following signature piece:

a.  Jack Pine
b.  Mona Lisa
c.  American Gothic

7.  President Thomas Jefferson's private home was called:

a.  Fairlane
b.  Mount Vernon
c.  Monticello

8.  Who played a "Bosom buddy" before making a "Splash" on the big screen?

a.  Tom Hanks
b.  Tom Selleck
c.  Tom Cruise

9.  Who was famous for his moustache, Detroit Tigers' cap and red Ferrari?

a.  Tom Selleck
b.  Tom Connors
c.  Tom Hanks

10.  Who founded a travel agency in Great Britain in 1841 to carry temperance supporters from city to city via the railroad?

a.  Thomas Jackson
b.  Thomas Cook
c.  Thomas Aquinas

Today is Thomas Jonasson's 13th birthday.  Ever since he celebrated his first birthday, I have compiled a set of questions called "Thomas Jeopardy" and handed it out to guests at his party.  I figured that I would continue the tradition online this year.  I will post the answers tomorrow.  Good luck!


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