Wednesday 6 July 2011

Wisdom in a Game of Mini-Golf

When we were playing mini-golf one evening, a thought struck me about life:  the mini-golf course is a micro-cosm for life.  I had missed a shot and realized I had two choices:  either I throw up my hands and let the whole game go to pot or I regroup and come back stronger than ever.  When you take a wrong turn, you can either fall apart or re-focus and not let it affect your direction.  This is not just true on the golf course but in the kitchen as well.  Rob was feeling guilty about eating too much one day.  Well, he had two choices:  he could have given up and eaten everything in sight or he could have said to himself that tomorrow is another day and I'll get back to eating healthy again.  Regrouping is also an important tactic on the battlefield.  Some of the most successful battles in history were fought on the heels of crushing defeats.  For instance, the British were defeated at Tobruck, Libya and later beat the Germans at El-Alamein, Egypt in 1942.  Back on the mini-golf course, I was defeated by my son 65 - 61.  Well, there's always next time.

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