Friday 1 July 2011

Highway Robbery

What a great way to start off the summer by watching Cars 2 at the movie theatre.  I remember when Rob and I went on our first official date.  We watched a Harrison Ford movie at Limeridge Mall in Hamilton and paid only $4.25 a ticket.  A bag of popcorn cost even less than the ticket.  It was an inexpensive evening out.  Now there are four of us and we need to re-mortgage our house just to go to the movies.  First of all, the tickets prices have skyrocketed, especially if you choose to watch a 3D movie.  Secondly, the treat prices are through the roof.  I specifically bought a large purse at Walmart just to smuggle food in.  When the kids were younger, I would bring along drinking boxes and Smart Corn from the Dollar Store.  However, this time for a change I said they could eat movie theatre popcorn, trans fat and all.  I purchased a medium bag for my son and a small bag for my daughter.  The total came to $16.00!  And I hadn't even ordered drinks.  My son asked me for some money to go next door to Dollar Giant and I slipped him two twonies. After several minutes, he returned with two large bottles of Nestea concealed in the large pockets of his shorts and some change.  My husband asked him to hold his popcorn and I protested:  "But he's doing a job for me."  Into the theatre and mission accomplished.  I was so proud of my son.  We enjoyed the feature presentation.  The theatre was packed.  But the next time I go to the movies, I will purchase another large purse.

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