Tuesday 19 July 2011

Little House in the Big Woods

This month I am reading my daughter Jacqueline the book Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It is reassuring to read the same book to my little girl that I read when I was young.  While not published until the 1930's, Laura Ingalls Wilder's books have sold millions and are rarely if ever out of print. The author pays particular attention to detail as she describes life in 19th century America.  She sticks to the facts:  there is no shock value; there are no swear words; their are no gimmicks.  While there are a few pictures in the edition that we are reading, for the most part there is only text.  And yet Jacqueline listens attentively night after night.  The books are timeless and somehow hold the reader's attention.  They are very technical and give us amazing insight into the life of American pioneers.  We learn how to clean a long rifle; how to make maple syrup; how the pioneers held a square dance; and how they scared away a black bear.  Once we have read the first book in the series we will go on to Little House on the Prairie, the title of the television series in the 1970's that I watched as a little girl.  There are 9 books in all and I look forward to sharing every one with my "Half Pint".  What a treasure these stories are!

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