Friday 3 June 2011

Spinning the Globe

Every so often my husband Rob gives our little girl a geography lesson. She brings him the globe that we bought at a flea market and they study it. She spins it, closes her eyes, stops it and sees where her finger lands. Then the two of them discuss the town or city she is pointing to. They talk about countries and their borders. They also talk about bodies of water and mountain ranges. My husband explains to her how if it is summer in the northern hemisphere, it must be winter in the southern hemisphere and vice versa. It is nice to know that she is curious and that her Daddy is happy to answer her questions.

My daughter also asks questions when we are in the car. She wants to know where we are going and how to get there. She has been with me several times to Brampton and she can tell you all the cities you pass through to get there. Many passengers do not pay attention to their surroundings, but my daughter certainly does.

So, I hope that my little girl continues to spin that globe and ask questions. Those geography lessons are not just educational, they're great bonding experiences!

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