Sunday 19 June 2011

Digging in at Dinnertime

D - digging in at dinnertime.
A - always big and tall.
D - daring to kill centipedes.

My little girl wrote this poem for her Daddy for Father's Day.  She also gave him a frame she made with tissue paper, glued on in a blue, black and brown pattern with a photo of herself inside.  She made a card which says on the front:  DADDY FOR SALE!  Taped to the card are other items Daddies use like batteries, a clock, a penny and some keys.  When her Daddy turned the card over, he read the words:  JUST KIDDING, YOU'RE WONDERFUL!  

It makes me think back to other gifts Rob has received for Father's Day.   Many times he has received socks and underwear.  One year we gave him a Dairy Queen cake, complete with an icing tie. The most exciting gift of all though was the year that my son choreographed a dance and performed it with my daughter.  It was set to the song "Real Gone" by Sheryl Crowe from the movie "Cars".  During rehearsals, I remember reminding my son to twist my daughter gently so that he wouldn't snap her arm off when they did their spins and twists and lifts.  I felt a sense of relief when the performance went off without a hitch.  What a great surprise for Rob!

Although the dance was the most exciting Father's Day gift Rob has ever received, the most honourable present that Rob ever accepted was the trophy with the words "World's Best Daddy" beneath a little golden plastic cup.  We paid only a dollar for the gift, but it's real value is priceless.  Thank you, Rob.  You are the World's Greatest Daddy!  We love you!

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