Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Go Fly a Kite

A little boy has a request for God, but he thinks God isn't listening.  So he builds himself a beautiful kite and writes a message on it.  He flies the kite hoping that God will notice it.  However, God still does not respond, so the boy flies the kite even higher, but without success.  Finally, he realizes that the only way he will fully capture God's attention is to send the kite right up to heaven.  Reluctantly, he lets go of his precious kite and lets it float up into the sky.

Can you let go of your kite?  I find it hard to let go of mine.  I hang on for dear life.  And yet surrendering to God is the first step to a closer relationship with Him.  On the battlefield, to surrender infers that one gives up entirely and concedes defeat.  However, surrendering to God means that we surrender to His will and accept His unconditional love.  You don't have to fly a kite or build a tower to get God's attention; you need only to surrender.

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