Tuesday 20 September 2011

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

The task given to us at our Women's Coffee Break & Bible Study this morning was to surrender our lives to Christ this week to find inner peace.  Someone mentioned that we might count the blessings we already have to find peace.  Rather than waiting to win the lottery, we might find the extraordinary in our ordinary everyday existence. 

So I started my task on my walk home from Hope Church.  I marvelled at the blue sky and the warm air eventhough we're almost into Fall.  I enjoyed the sights and sounds that greeted me as I strolled down the street.  When I stopped at the mailbox, I was happy to unlock it and pull out a free sample of Nutella, something my son was looking for just last nigh to make a sandwich.  And as I arrived at my doorstep, a little chipmunk scurried through my garden and into the neighbour's bushes. 

When I googled this topic, I found a blog called "Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Living" about a woman named Carol Ross who left her corporate job nine years ago since she was so burnt out she resembled at "human sloth".  In the meantime, she has discovered so many joys in life's simple activities like arranging a bouquet of flowers or devouring a good book or savouring a corn and tomato salad made from ingredients purchased at a Farmers' Market.  Life has slowed down for her, but at the same time life is full:  full of family and friends and faith.  Carol posted a recent entry called "When It Rains, It Pours" in which she talks about a sudden rainstorm which ruined the interior of her vehicle, saturated her carpet at home and ruined her vacuum cleaner trying to cleanup the mess.  After shedding more than a few tears, she adds:  "Maybe what I needed was a torrential downpour to soak me to the skin and make me keenly aware of what it means to be alive, next to a roaring fire, surrounded by family and friends." (http://carolross.typepad.com)

To surrender is easier said that done; however, when we look back at our moments of surrender, they're often followed by moments of gratitude.  So, the next time I walk home from church, I'll be looking for that little chipmunk.

Photo courtesy http://en.wikipedia.org

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