Saturday, 24 September 2011

Five Minutes of Yesterday

The sun shines on the park.  The wind lightly blows the leaves clinging to the trees.  The park is empty except for one little girl dressed in a black dress, black tights and black shoes.  Her hair is fashioned in one long braid.  She has come to the park well-prepared.  In one hand she holds a pair of red plastic binoculars to bird watch with; in the other she holds a pink Barbie camera to capture any exciting moments.  It is unseasonably warm for an autumn day.  She sees three birds' nests.  She sees a squirrel.  She sees a cotton-tailed rabbit.  But she does not see any birds.  Disppointed, she is about to go home when a giant bird soars above her in the crystal blue sky.  The little girl takes a long look at the bird with her binoculars.  Then she snaps a photo with her Barbie camera for posterity.  Her day is now complete.

(November 7, 2008.)

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