Friday 28 August 2015

Doc Brown Based on Physicist Dr. Ronald Mallett

"My whole existence, who I am, is due to the death of my father, and my promise to myself to figure out how to affect time with Einstein's work as a foundation." (

Everyone remembers the wide-eyed, wild-haired scientist Doc Brown from the movie Back to the Future. Michael J. Fox's character, Marty McFly, drives Doc's DeLorean car, a time machine, into the past (1950's) and then has to get "back to the future" (1980's) to warn Doc about the terrorists who would shoot him for his plutonium.  McFly knows that there will be a lightning strike on the clock tower on a specific date and time in 1955, thanks to a poster with the caption "Save the Clock Tower".  He relies on the power from the lightning to start his disabled DeLorean and get back to the future, thereby saving the scientist.

Doc Brown is based on the real physicist Dr. Ronald Mallett, a physicist from Pennsylvania whose father died when he was only 11 years old.  At the time, Mallett started working on a time machine to transport him back into the past to warn his father about the heart attack that would kill him, a tragedy that left Mallett "depressed and heartbroken".  Sadly, his invention did not fly.

However, at 69, Dr. Mallett's not giving up on the time machine.  He is building on Einstein's "Theory of Relativity".  He "describes how a neutron can be moved or dragged because the space it occupies is being twisted by laser light".

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  1. Ronald Mallett has been exposed as a complete and utter fraud, as far as time travel is concerned. His "new company", Time Travel Technologies, that you've linked to, was a scam he colluded with Scott J. Cooper of World Patent Marketing and has been shut down by the FTC. Nothing about his theories are correct and he contradicts himself and more. The entire lid is getting blown off and anyone can now begin to see just what a disgrace Mallett is - to himself, his university and the science of time travel -