Sunday 11 January 2015

The Superconscious Mind

Henry Ford conceived an idea.  The engineers at the Edison Illuminating Company, where he was employed, however, said it would never work.  Henry told them "Just do it."  The result was the internal combustion engine.  For more information on the combustion engine, read

Where did Ford's idea come from?  The upper recesses of his mind. Sigmund Freud called it the superego, Ralph Waldo Emerson, the oversoul, Alfred Adler, the collective unconscious, Carl Jung, the superconscious, non-scientists, intuition, and Christians, the Christ consciousness or Holy Spirit.

One website says that when an idea hails from the superconscious, it has three attributes:

1.  It answers every aspect of the problem you are seeking a solution for.
2.  It is a "blinding flash of the obvious".
3.  It's like a burst of happiness or excitement, an "Aha!" moment where the "lightbulb" goes on in your mind.

How to you access our superconscious mind?  According to Brian Tracy, you have two options: either immerse your heart and soul into achieving your goal or immerse yourself in a completely different activity and the answer you are looking for will suddenly appear.  To activate the superconscious, you need to be calm, confident and relaxed.  Seek out silence.  Thomas Edison used to take regular naps throughout the day to stimulate his mind, resulting in over 1000 inventions.

If you want inspiration to achieve your goals, access your superconscious.  Meditate on it, pray on it. The lightbulb will go on.  And you will create the next internal combustion engine (even though your co-workers will say it can't be done).

*For more information about the superconscious mind, read The Conscious, Unconscious and Super-Conscious Mind by Gurdip Hari (2005) at

*For more information about the Holy Spirit, read The Holy Spirit:  Amazing Power for Everyday People by Susan Rohrer (2011) at

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