Sunday 29 December 2013

Hoover, Hindenburg & Hitler

In honour of my father in law, Albert Jonasson's birthday, here are ten facts about 1932, the year of his birth.

1.  Here are some prices in the U.S. in 1932:

-average house cost $6, 510
-average wage was $1,650
-gallon of gas cost 10 cents
-loaf of bread cost 7 cents
-pound of hamburger cost 10 cents
-new car cost $610

2.  With 24.5 % of Americans unemployed, Hoovervilles sprouted up across the country which included houses made of wooden crates, metal scraps and cardboard.

Hooverville in Central Park courtesy

3.  With unemployment at an all time high, many families could not eat and were malnourished, leading to a rise in tuberculosis.

facts about the depression

4.  Bonus Marchers:  17000 World War I veterans marched on Washington D.C. in hopes of getting early payments on their cash bonuses.

Bonus Marchers camped outside the Capitol courtesy

5.  The New York Yankees beat the Chicago Cubs 4 to 0 in the World Series.

6.  Famine was widespread in the U.S.S.R. (the Ukraine) due to Stalin's policies.

7.  Hindenburg was elected president of Germany, beating newcomer Adolph Hitler.

8.  Aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh's baby was kidnapped in New Jersey.

9.  Spiritual leader Mahatma Ghandi was jailed by the British (after his hunger strike).


10.  British scientists Sir John Douglas Cockcroft and Earnest Walton were the first to successfully split the atom.

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