Monday 2 December 2013

Turkey Claus

At the White House each Thanksgiving, a turkey gets pardonned.  In the picture book Turkey Trouble, a turkey also tries to escape the dinner table.  In the sequel, Turkey Claus, a turkey heads to the North Pole seeking Santa's help to escape being served on a platter on Christmas Day.  He hails a taxi and reaches the North pole on Christmas Eve day.  But it's not easy to get an appointment with Santa the day before Christmas.  Turkey Claus dons a series of costumes to sneak in to see Santa:  a pylon with Christmas lights (tree), a reindeer pulling two snowmen, a candy cane, a Mrs. Claus costume, and a Christmas present. Finally, Santa agrees to see him.  He dresses him in a Santa suit, sending him with a pizza for the hungry family he was fleeing.

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