Wednesday 10 April 2013

Vicious Volcanoes

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Here are the ten deadliest volcanic eruptions in history.  Match the eruption with the correct mountain name.

1.  An eruption took place in 1815 in Indonesia killing 92,000 people, mainly due to starvation.

2.  An eruption took place in 1883 in Indonesia killing 36,000 people, many of whom died due to the resulting tsunami.

3.  This eruption took place in 1902 in Martinique, killing 29,000 people, mainly due to ash flows.

4.  This eruption took place in Colombia in 1985, killing 15,000 people, as a result of mud flows.

5.  This eruption took place in 1792 in Japan, killing 14,000 people, mainly due to the resulting tsunami.

6.  This eruption took p;lace in 1783 in Iceland, killing 9300 people, mainly due to starvation.

7.  This eruption took place in Indonesia in 1919, killing 5100 people, mainly due to mud flows.

8.  This eruption took place in 1882 in Indonesia, killing 4000 people due to mud flows.

9.  This eruption took place in 1631 in Italy killing 3500 people due to mud and lava flows.

10.  This eruption also took place in Italy, killing 3300 people due to lava flows; once dried, the lava preserved the entire town.


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1.  J
2.  I
3.  H
4.  G
5.  F
6.  E
7.  D
8.  C
9.  B
10.  A

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