Monday 7 November 2011

My Rob

His big hands are so soft and yet so strong.
They hold a book or his little girl's hand.
They rub his wife's feet for so very long.
They build castles with his son in the sand.

His mind is so bright and his I.Q. rare.
His clear, deep voice is perfect for speaking.
His size is huge though he's a "Teddy Bear".
He is just the husband I've been seeking.

His heart is full; he loves to go shopping.
His laugh is infectious, a joy to hear.
His tummy's great for kids to go hopping.
His blue eyes twinkle when he's in good cheer.

No other man makes soft niblets like him.
I love him more than all men, even Tim.

(Linda Jonasson, November 7, 2006.)

Happy Birthday, Rob!

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