Friday 30 September 2011

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Last Thursday dawned sunny and warm, the perfect day for a road trip.  We drove east along Highway 407 to Brock Road, then headed south to Highway 401.  Although the road was packed at Pickering, once we passed Oshawa, the traffic thinned out and our trip became quite pleasant. 

The terrain slowly started to change as we headed into Canadian Shield country.  We saw large rock formations lining the highway which Dad said could not be cracked with a chisel; when workers built the road, they had to dynamite the rock.  And yet, I saw a few trees sprouting through the rocks at the top of the ledge, after dirt had worked its way into a crevice.  I couldn't believe all of the greenery and open space that still exists in this province. 

We stopped for lunch at Port Hope and then continued on our journey.  We passed Belleville and Kingston and then headed north on Highway 416 "The Highway of Heroes", the road the bodies of slain soldiers are transported on after they return from Afghanistan.  We exited the highway at Manotick and made our way through rush hour traffic; how can a town so small have so many cars?  Finally, we reached the Days Inn across from the Ottawa Airport and stretched our stiff legs.  After a rest, we dined at The Keg where we all ordered the grilled salmon; it was scrumptious!

The next day we were invited to the Manotick Golf & Yacht Club for my Aunty Marilyn and Uncle Doug's 50th wedding anniversary.  We were greeted at the door by young Patrick, their grandson.  Then my cousin Kevin escorted us upstairs to the dining room where you could enjoy a pretty view of the Rideau River.  On a long table, were sitting some presents along with a basket half full of cards on which guests had written memories of the anniversary couple.  My cousin Wendy will take those memories and make an album, just like the one her Mom made for our Grandma back in 1981 (see my post "The Scrapbook" (June 20).  As the guests arrived, we saw people we hadn't seen in years.  One woman spotted my Mom from across the room and said:  "Isn't that one of the Stroud girls?"  That made my Mom's day given that she hadn't seen this woman since high school. 

My cousin Wendy was the Master of Ceremonies and she took us on a trip down memory lane back to 1961.  She also gave us a slide show.  We heard about how my aunt and uncle met and courted at Rice Lake north of Toronto.  We ate a delicious dinner of chicken, roast potatoes, vegetables and spice cake.  We heard some well written speeches as well as a solo by my aunt and uncle's beautiful granddaughter, Kaitlyn.  After dinner, my aunt and uncle enjoyed the dance that they never got to have at their wedding.  It was heartwarming to see a couple not only married for 50 years, but still in love after 50 years.  Happy Anniversary, Aunty Marilyn & Uncle Doug!

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