Sunday 1 January 2017

My Vision Board 2017

Imagination x Vividness = Reality

I remember reading Glenna's Goal Book in the original edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul back in 1993.  Glenna was a divorced mother of three with a house payment, a car payment and a dream.  She attended a seminar where the speaker explained the principal of I x V = R (Imagination x Vividness = Reality).  She decided to make a goal scrapbook to help achieve her goals which she succeeded in doing right down to the last one on her list

Like Glenna, I am a goal-oriented person.  Two years ago, I made something similar to a goal scrapbook, a vision board.  At the end of the year, I examined the pictures and realized that I had achieved much of what I set out to do.  Last year, I made a second vision board.  Once again, I was successful at reaching the majority of my goals.  

The key word is "vision".  Visualization is a vital part of the process.  Study the pictures and set them in your mind.  Think about them as you go about your day.  Picture yourself as already reaching your goal, of crossing the finish line.  


My vision board for 2017 courtesy Thomas Jonasson.

In the centre of my board is the Bible verse:  The same Power who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you (Romans 8:11).  What daily inspiration for my journey!  

My goals include:

1.  Supporting Thomas in his musical endeavours.
2.  Creating a War Room or Prayer Room.
3.  Reading the Bible from cover to cover.
4.  Editing my new picture book, Mr. Tufts' Ties this winter.
5.  Using my time more wisely.
6.  Maintaining a healthy eating routine.  
7.  Sending my picture book manuscript The Hockey Stick to Canadian publishers.
8.  Organizing my space more wisely.
9.  Sending Jacqueline to HDCH this fall.
10.  Sending Jacqueline to Kentucky on a mission trip this spring.
11.  Rob and I spending our 25th anniversary in the Maritimes this summer.
12.  Signing my first book contract!
13.  Reading 26 books, one every other week (added after photo was taken).

So why not make your own Vision Board this year?  

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