Tuesday 3 February 2015

Name That Blog!

You want to enter the blogosphere and you've chosen a niche (subject).  Now you have to pick a name.  According to Professional Blogging for Dummies, your blog name is one of the most important parts of your blog, and one of the most difficult to change.  If your blog is active even for a short time, it remains in the Internet's memory and will be difficult to get rid of in the event that you change its name.  Remember, it sets the stage for your words.  So, choose wisely.

Here are ten tips for choosing a blog name:

1.  Brainstorm by writing down topics that you would like to blog about.

2.  Use your ideas as building blocks, experimenting by pairing different words together.

3.  Search keywords and phrases to avoid duplicating another blog name.

4.  Test the name that you choose on your family and friends.  Does the name match the content?

5.  Avoid song lyrics, movie lines and show titles to prevent copyright infringements.  If you are determined to use a certain title ex. Field of Dreams, use it in your tagline (the little explanation that follows your title) instead ex. The Best Baseball Blog with the tagline "A Field of Dreams".

6.  Remember your target audience.  What is the purpose of your blog ex. to entertain, to make people laugh, to educate people?

7.  Research similar blogs for ideas.

8.  Visit a blog name generator and it will punch out dozens of suggestions in seconds.

10.  Keep it short, to the point, and easy to remember.

Fore more information, read http://www.blogclarity.com/the-guide-to-choosing-a-blog-name-you-wont-regret-part-1/.

Here are some good examples of blog names:

-Simply Scribblings at http://simplyscribblings.blogspot.ca/ is my writer friend's blog.  It's simple, it uses alliteration and it encompasses a wide spectrum which makes it long lasting.

-Three Kids and a Teabag (now Three Kids, A Husband and a Teabag) at  https://threekidsandateabag.wordpress.com/ is the blog of my Bible study friend.  It peaks your curiosity:  what's the teabag all about?  It turns out that's what your tummy looks like after you've had three kids.

-Centsational Girl at www.centsationalgirl is a frugal living blog.  The play on words is cute.

-Earth Wind & Flour http://www.earthwindandflour.comis a food blog which plays on the group Earth Wind & Fire.

-The Patient Gardener at https://patientgardener.wordpress.com/ plays on the movie The Constant Gardener.

-To Love Honor & Vacuum at www.sheilawraygregoire.com is my writer friend's marriage blog.  It's catchy and it gives you an immediate mental image of a housewife.

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