Tuesday 28 June 2011

Fishing for Followers

My son says that I am obsessed with getting new followers of my blog.  Yesterday at the dentist I mentioned it to the two secretaries during a long conversation.  Afterwards, my son said:  "You spent all that time talking and yet you didn't give them your business card?"  So, back I went to the counter to pass out my new business card which says "Linda Jonasson - Writer" against a backdrop of a beautifully manicured lawn.  Walking out to the parking lot, I mentioned:  "I should make you my literary agent, Thomas."  To which he replied:  "In that case, you owe me for the past two weeks."

I jump up and down every time I see a new square underneath the Followers button.  I mercilessly begged my family members to sign up.  I sent out an e-mail to the Coffee Break ladies at church announcing that I had started a blog.  My husband tells me that I should be concerned more about the number of blog hits I have rather than followers.  So my son checked it out yesterday and discovered I have 529 hits.  Well, 100 of those are probably mine since I often go back to various posts to edit mistakes or add pictures.  However, the majority of the hits were made by other people.  I have 45 viewers in the United States, 15 in Germany and 2 in Denmark.  I wonder who the lonely soul is from Australia?

Last Saturday, I broke down and joined Facebook.  My son helped me set up my home page.  What was the first thing I wanted to advertise on my Facebook page?  It was my blog address, of course.  Without even half trying, I accumulated several "Friends".  My callous response was:  "I don't want friends; I want followers!" 

Right now I have 8 squares underneath the Followers button on my blog home page.  My goal is to get twenty-five followers by the end of the summer.  Will I reach it?  Only time will tell.  Maybe I'll take my son up on his offer.  However, if you see me serving Koolaid to my followers, you'll know I've crossed the line.  Everything in moderation.

Cartoon courtesy 3.bp.blogspot.com

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