Tuesday 3 January 2017

How to Prepare for 2017

"Excellence is not a destination, but a journey." (Brian Tracy)

Motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy posted a video on Youtube called "How to Prepare for 2017" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2QZvBHtscM).  It goes hand in hand with my New Year's Day post "My Vision Board 2017".  Here are some of Brian's suggestions to help you set and accomplish goals for the new year.

Brian recommends that you set yourself up for success by identifying and writing down your goals for 2017.  But first, seek closure on 2016 before you forge ahead.  The author suggests that you make a list of ten goals you would like to accomplish.  Imagine that you have already succeeded in reaching all of these goals.  Make sure you write them in the present tense, in a positive rather than negative sense and in a personal sense ex. I am signing a book contract for The Hockey Stick.
George T. Doran recommends that you follow the acronym SMART when setting your goals.  

George T. Doran, former director of the Washington Water Power Company, first coined the term SMART goals in 1981 courtesy http://www.cognology.com.au/learning_center/howtowritesmartobj/

Look at your list and decide which goal will have the greatest impact on your life.  Circle that goal and declare it your Major Definite Purpose.  Set a deadline for that goal.  In fact, I recommend that you set a deadline for all ten of your goals.  When I taught elementary school, I had to make Long RAnge Plans every year.  I made a chart which I photocopied on ledger size paper and posted it in my classroom where I could easily see it.  The chart helped me keep on track with the curriculum.  Unlike many teachers, I actually enjoyed making Long Range Plans.  

Brian suggests that after you list your goals, practice mindstorming (or what I like to call brainstorming).  Pose your Major Definite Purpose as a question ex.  How will I get a book contract for The Hockey Stick?  Write down twenty responses to this question.   Every so often go back and revisit your goals to determine how you are progressing.  

Remember:  Excellence is not a destination, but a journey.

Note:  I found this goal chart on Pinterest "Become a Better You" with space for ten areas of your life to set goals.  Included is a line to name the goal, give it a deadline and check off whether or not you accomplished it (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/8796161750433493/).

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