Monday 4 April 2016

Crossing Sweepers, Mudlarks & Knocker Ups

Here are some unusual jobs that were commonplace in Victorian 

1.  crossing sweeper:  someone who swept the manure off of London streets from the horse drawn carriages and trolleys for pedestrians

2.  costermonger:  a street seller of fruits & vegetables

3.  purefinder:  collected dog feces for tanners 

4.  tosher:  searched the sewers for scrap metal and other valuables

5.  mudlark:  searched the banks of the River Thames for wood, metal, rope or coal from passing ships

7.  streetwalker:  prostitute

8.  charwoman:  chore woman or maid

9.  female hysteria doctor:  someone who helped a woman have an orgasm (ex. using an orgasm machine)

10.  lamplighter:  lit the gas powered lamps

11.  resurrectionist:  someone who supplied medical schools with fresh corpses


12.  leech collector:  provided leeches for doctors (the Tylenol of the 19th Century)


13.  chimney sweep


14.  knocker up:  a human alarm clock

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