Saturday 6 June 2015

Books on Essay Writing

Here are ten books on essay writing:

1.  The College Guide to Essay Writing (Jill Rossiter).

2.  The Nuts & Bolts of College Writing (Michael Harvey)

3.  Writing Essay Exams to Succeed (John C. Dernbach)

4.  The New Oxford Guide to Writing (Thomas Kane)

5.  100 Ways to Improve Your Writing (Gary Provost)

6.  501 Writing Prompt Questions (Learning Express Editors)

7.  Get Writing:  Paragraphs and Essays (Mark Connelly)

8.  Structuring Paragraphs and Essays:  A Guide to Effective Writing (A. Franklin Parks)

9.  The Situation and the Story:  The Art of Personal Narrative (Vivian Gornick)

10.  Writing Essays for Dummies (Mary Page)

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