Wednesday 28 May 2014


I searched the Internet to see what movies are playing tonight and noticed there is an encore performance of "Irreplaceable", a movie that I saw with my Prayer Group when it premiered three weeks ago.  Only scheduled for one performance, it is back by popular demand.

"Irreplaceable" is a documentary that explores the meaning of family in our current society.  Host Tim Sisarich, married with four children, goes on a journey around the world asking others about their families.  In the end, he discovers something profound about his own family.

Tim quotes the astounding statistics regarding divorce.  He tells us the devastating effects divorce has on society, the devastating effects it has on our children.  He visits a prison, typical of all prisons, filled with inmates who grew up without a father.  Tim speaks to the National Center for Fathering CEO Carey Casey, a former football player, who works with young men all over the United States.  Casey talks about meeting big burly football players who are handsome, wealthy and successful.  Tears well up in their eyes, however, as they describe their one wish:  to have their fathers sitting in the stands and cheering them on at a game.

Tim is the first to admit that he would not have accomplished what he has today if not for his father.  But then he throws the audience a curve ball.  We find out that Tim could have been one of the statistics quoted in the movie.  Tim's father was a handsome man who married and started a family.  He was a successful banker who went to prison in 1970 for embezzling a large amount of money.  His wife, however, stood beside him through the ordeal.  When he came out of prison, he wanted the world to like him, but it was too much of a weight to carry on his shoulders.  So he turned to drinking.  His wife stood beside him.  Years later, it was revealed that he had a three year affair with another woman which produced a child.  Tim had a half brother.

This was all too much for Tim to bear.  He and his father had an estrangement that lasted for years.  It was the documentary "Irreplaceable" that brought them back together.  Tim, with God's help, found it in his heart to forgive his father.  His father's response?  "I've been waiting a long time to hear those words."

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