Tuesday 29 April 2014

Linda the Llama in Times Square

Underrated Iconic Photos Llama Time Square

Inge Morath's photo "A Llama in Times Square" courtesy all-that-is-interesting.com.

Linda the Llama poked her head out the window of her taxi as she headed down Broadway in Times Square,  on her way from ABC Studios.  The story would run in Life Magazine on December 2, 1957 under the caption "High Paid Llama in Big City".  The llama lived in a Manhattan browstone with her trainer.  But the story didn't end there:  the brownstone also housed cats, dogs, birds, a pig, a kangaroo and a miniature bull.  

Linda the Llama's photographer was Inge Morath, known for her surreal images.  Morath was also known for other offbeat photos:  a driver with a poodle as a passenger, Chinese soldiers climbing a giant statue of Buddha, and frantically dancing girls from Iraq to Iberia.  Nonetheless, "A Llama in Times Square" became Inge Morath's most iconic photo.  It would appear in classrooms, calendars, museums and magazines (Oprah Winfrey's "O").  

Morath did a series of photographs of Marilyn Monroe on the set of "The Misfits".  On the set, she met Monroe's husband Arthur Miller.  Later, the two would marry.  

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